don't be afraid

If you are a first time buyer of signs or graphics, you may be surprised to find that vinyl graphic films have largely replaced hand-painting and other traditional methods of making signs. Even if you regularly purchase signs for your business, you still may have lingering doubts about the quality and longevity of vinyl graphics.

Vinyl has revolutionised the sign business. It has sharply reduced the cost of custom signs and banners, cut the time it takes to get signs made, and increased the number of sign shops and products available. Furthermore, computer cut vinyl graphics offer a level of line quality and consistency not possible with hand painting, and properly specified and applied vinyl graphics can last just as long or longer than paints and inks.

As a consumer, there are just a few things you need know about buying vinyl signs and graphics to assure that you get the most for your money.

many uses

Vinyl graphics can be applied to all kinds of materials and surfaces, indoors and out, that traditionally were hand-lettered by skilled artisans. Today vinyl is commonly used for signs of all types, wall and window lettering, banners, boat and vehicle lettering and graphics, mock-ups and prototypes, and in many other situations.

A wide range of vinyl is available, from inexpensive low-tack films for temporary use to quality cast vinyl that will last for many years.

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