who are we?

Brightsparx is a South African sign company, based in Port Elizabeth since 1999, and run by a team of dedicated professionals, trained in providing you the ultimate signage for your budget, no matter where in the country you are situated. Brightsparx was established in 1986, and comprises a team of resident artists and designers, who combine their talents as artisans and sign-makers. Although we manufacture many different types of signage, we realise that vinyl is the cheapest and quickest way for you to advertise your business. Brightsparx has all the necessary tools to get the job done, and we do it right, the first time, every time.

Signs are probably the easiest way to call attention to your company without having a person shouting through a bullhorn 'round the clock. Whether you need a sign to announce your existence to customers on the street or to attract trade show attendees, there are three primary considerations you should keep in mind.

We also specialize in particular types of projects. For example, we have substantial experience in the planning and placement of signs throughout a building. Working with people who are particularly knowledgeable about the issues surrounding a given project can significantly impact the types of signs that are created.



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